May 18, 2010

HSR + RER – Our Engagement in Paris.

This is a surprise for Ryan.

Like a carpenter's door is never hung, a painter's wall is always chipped ... a photographer's own personal digital files sit, untouched on a computer. At least that's my story. I have a bazillion photos - both clients and mine, extra hard-drives and space in the teras! AND all my personal photos just sit, waiting to turn into something, or at least make it into a frame. So, I finally took a little personal time to put together our engagement story through our eyes. (maybe I'm just trying to find a balance.) Surprise Ryan! You finally get to see some photos from our trip!

Paris is an amazing city with a ton of beautiful things to see, eat and photograph! Although, I don't think I'm really good at taking architecture photos. So I made Ryan pretty much stand in front of every beautiful, old door we could find. He only allowed 10 shots in front of each door (I made him at least try and switch it up a bit with his face expressions.) At least the local Parisians thought we were funny or maybe, just weird. I have no idea, because I have no idea what they were saying. If you decide to visit France, my best advice is not to try and cram 'French for Dummies' in one week before you go, but to really get some key phrases down. Otherwise, you may end up with a cheeseburger instead of a cheese plate and a million and one other reasons.

We were tourists, with a camera around our neck everyday. But-it-was-fun!
I'm showing some favorite images from the week – random nooks and streets, museums, our 90 minute trip to Versailles, chapels, bridges (where all the crazy love locks are attached), Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, the Arch de Triomphe and of course, just a few (wink) door shots.

I miss the yummy street crepes and macarons (Pierre Hermes was our favorite) but I left the city engaged to my favorite-est person in the whole world. We were In Love in Paris.



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