June 16, 2010

Two Sisters – Riley and Sydney!

These two gals just happen to be my cute, little nieces. Well, officially in October! I was really nervous for this shoot for many reasons. A. They already knew me and I thought they would not take direction from me. B. It was extremely bright outside. The cool location happened to be the back of a scary restaurant.

I ended up having so much fun with them and I think they did too! I thought they did wonderful, and as a little treat I gave them two large lollipops. They dug right in, and the next thing I know, they were both BLUE! Especially Sydney who actually bit into hers and was not letting go of it! I love her little face in the photo below. Thanks mom for working with me and I'm so happy you got the blue out of their sweet, little outfits.

Enjoy the photos! The first one on the chairs, is my a b s o l u t e favorite photo of the year!




Modified by Vin